Latex Goddess


Welcome to your new, sacred fetish temple!

Do you long to experience a natural fetish goddess?

There I am, but are you worth it and will you survive in my little world?

Who is Goddes Avengelique and a few little rules?

I am a very nice, tolerant, open and understanding person. A strong and self-confident woman who knows exactly what she wants and when she is wasting her time (you should never waste it, because even as a care dom, patience will eventually reach its limit).

I won't bend over backwards, not even for your money, the few cents you throw at me won't be able to finance my luxury of calm nerves.

Then you are completely wrong and have neither understood the meaning of "control you" nor "your place".
Such "slaves" are completely uninteresting to me and waste valuable time.
So, are you one of those? Do you recognize yourself in this? Then save yourself the time and move on to one that suits you better.

The same applies to cloistered Doms who mean Ey Geil the little one will do what I say. Ummm NO....!! She won't.
So never confuse kindness, manners and decency with weakness.

I am naturally dominant and sadistic with just the right touch of eroticism that makes a good dominatrix and fetish goddess. I will never submit to any man. Neither do you. Please move on. No matter how often you hold masks, collars and **** as a submisive. Go to a punk and tell him that he submits to society, he's wearing a collar. And even the cute dog with a collar can bite properly.

My world, my rules!!!

So do you have the prerequisites for my world? Then stay tuned and see what's going on here in the next few weeks.

Your new queen of the night