Latex Goddess

About Me

About the goddess:

Because I know that you useless looser, without permission, already have your cock in your hand, I'll make it short.

I am your spoil, your desire, your everything. The only reason why you have a task in life at all, namely to fall in front of my precious heels and feet and to serve.

Height: 168cm

Weight: You don't ask, but enough to make you breathe when my gorgeous ass settles on your face

Born: 10.09. you don't need to know more. I celebrate my 18th birthday every year. don't forget him NEVER!!!!
Place of birth: Berlin

Domicile: NRW, I'll tell you more if you've aroused my interest and trust.
Eye color: Brown, wears glasses. But don't ever think I can't see what you're up to if I'm not wearing them. I'm not blind!

Pets: YOU !!! Sphynx cats, rabbits and tarantula
Hobbies: You too !!! Asian dolls, films & series, comics (regardless of whether it's manga, US or Franco Belgian), video games (PS5 and no, I don't have a twitch)

Perfumes: D'Issley Miyake, YSL Paris, YSL Manifesto and Manifesto Elexiere, Boss Deep Red, Terry Muggler Alien, Annayake Natsumi, Dior Hy***notic Poison

Fetishes: Latex, masks, gas masks, high heels, platform heels, wedges, fur (only used, because of me no animal has to die for it) and fake fur, leather and fake leather, wet look, spandex, lycra, jewellery, make-up, big breasts ( Write that behind your ears (I can call them tits, but they are boobs or breasts), fingernails, smoke, corsets, nylons and pantyhose, PVC, vinyl and cosplay


BDSM practices;
- Classic dominance
- Flagelation                                                                        - Tickle games
- Canning                                                                             - masquerade
- spanking                                                                            - mummification
- Slapping                                                                             - Wax
- Bastinade                                                                           - demonstration
- Spitting                                                                               - enslavement
- Face sitting (always clothed)                                           - Clamps
- Attestation                                                                          - Physical education
- Nipple Play                                                                           - weight control
- CBT                                                                                       - Hand Worship

- Electrostimulation / stimulation current                          - Marking (e.g. by tattoos)
- Clamps on body                                                                   - Messygames (full of food or mud)
- ****n                                                                                        - Tease and Denial
- Sounding                                                                              - Waterboarding
- Anal treatment / stretching                                                - Loonerplay (Balloons)

- Easy clinic games                                                                - cleaning **** / Lendede toilet brush
- TV Education/ Feminization and Transformation              - Living Ashtray

- Rubber education                                                                - Binding
- Fixation and bondage                                                          - Isolation
- Disgusting eating                                                                  - on and under injections
- NS                                                                                            - wax depilation
- Exposure / humiliation and humiliation                             - Figging (warming / burning punishment )

- Millitary                                                                                  - nettles (depending on the season)
- ****play                                                                                    - Aroma/ smell therapy
- Feet and Shoe Worship                                                       - Weights
- SPH                                                                                         - money mistress
- JOI                                                                                          - slave contracts
- CEI                                                                                          - Cutting
- Panting                                                                                  - Dirty Talk (only if it seems appropriate)
- Sensory Deprivation                                                            - Outdoor (in a few exceptions)
- Trampling                                                                               - and I'm sure I've forgotten a few things.


- intimate contact                                                                    - catheter
- GV, OV, AV passive                                                               - animals
- Touchability (unless ordered)                                             - Children
- Dr**gs of all kinds                                                                  - Blackmailing
- Roman Shower                                                                       - Permanent damage (except marks)
- KV                                                                                             - Hy***se
- Wrestling                                                                                 - Butcher games

Sexual preferences of the Vanillas: Yes, I have that too. I'm not just a dominatrix, I'm also a woman. But I won't let you, lower animals, enjoy it. You will not soil and stain your goddess. For that I'll let you participate in various clips of how she is having fun with her partner toyboy and you can watch. Am I not merciful you little cuckold?

Studio: No, not since 2012. Previously active in Leverkusen, Cologne and Switzerland. Trained dominatrix since 2006. But in a few exceptions, studio sessions are possible after notification.