Latex Goddess

Slaves Application

So you want to become my slave.
Have you thought about this carefully? Are you quite sure about that?

Because I'll tell you one thing in advance... It doesn't matter whether you want to become an online slave or a real slave... It will be a long and rocky road for you.

The Goddess is picky when it comes to her slaves. Because I only want the best and most reliable. Understandable, right?
Because many want, want. But only very few have made it beyond candidate status.

Still sure you want to be my slave?

Then show me right from the first minute that you are worth it.

How should I do that, you're probably asking now. Well, if I told you that, it would be too easy...
But at least this much...

- Show your best side
The Goddess likes politeness and good manners. So put effort into your application.

- Make yourself interesting and stand out from the crowd in a positive way

Because you can be sure that you are not the only one whose application I read every day. So, what are you doing that's so interesting that I'll spend more time looking at your application?
and not like a normal HR manager click on the trash can immediately after the first 3 sentences

- Be reliable

There's nothing the Goddess likes more than "key wankers". Stand by your word. Arrive on time and complete your tasks conscientiously.

As always, the best and most important thing is at the very end. Trust and discretion are essential to me. And you don't just build trust with each other just around the corner.

Are you still convinced and determined to become my slave?

Very good... Then hop hop... Fill out the application and if I like it, we'll discuss the rest...