Latex Goddess


Gifts & Tribute
You want to serve me materially? Share your possessions with the mistress or even completely sign them over to HER? Even without committing yourself in any way? Or are you ready to take the big step towards property happiness?

Are you also someone who wishes to be able to serve a real lady as a money slave or real slave, but doesn't dare to take the first step?

The first steps to become a money slave or real slave: gifts of money, voluntary tribute or other gifts, how far are you? How much do you long to be able to serve a government?

Your subordinate role with a new identity is then: money slave, pay pig or ATM! You have to take care of the mistress so that she always has a luxurious everyday life!

Here you will learn, step by step, how to become a good and useful slave, who finds happiness through tribute and gifts, up to complete self-abandonment and the complete transfer of ownership of the slave to the money mistress.

Your return is pure humiliation

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